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My Nifty Nature Encounter

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I guess just waiting for the right inspiration. TODAY I received a wink from the Universe!   UP MI chickadeeOMG!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!! This morning, I went out to feed the birds and while I was standing close to one of the feeders, a chickadee landed right at face level at the feeder. I wondered to myself… Could this be THE day? I put sunflower seeds in my hand, held it straight out and mentally talked to the birds letting them know it was ok to come into my energy field. It’s safe. It’s ok to land. You are welcome to take seeds from my hand…AND THEN, the beautiful little chickadee, flies out and lands on my hand, hangs onto my finger, and takes a seed and flies off to the cedar branch! I held my breath in Joy! YES, AND…It flew back, landed on my finger again and takes another another seed! This time it stayed, ate it, and then took another seed before flying off to a branch. Another chickadee is in the cedar tree watching all this. The next thing I know, the second chickadee flies in, holds onto my finger, walks up my finger, and eats a couple seeds too! Do you know how good it feels to feel the touch of a wild little bird’s foot holding onto your finger? Have you ever experienced the bliss of nature’s precious little bird walking up your hand? I will remember this day forever! My heart is blessed! Nature nuzzled me and I am nourished with love! Needless to say…my heart is full of humongous smiles on this Nifty day!