An ABC book for the kid in all of us

Mino’aka Ko’u Pu’uwai!

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While I was in Hawaii, Feb-April, I  visited three Hilo Elementary Schools and shared my book in 9 sessions with approximately 600 Hawaiian children (Keiki)!  So today, my heart smiled plenty big when I opened my email!  I received some pics from the principal of Keaukaha Elementary School in Hilo, HI, where I read my book to approximately 90 Keiki! (3 sessions…pre-school, K-1st grade)IMG_20150331_093501_714

As you can tell from this pic…Mino’aka Ku’o Pu’uwai… MY HEART SMILES… plenty big!IMG_5208  The beautiful Keiki gifted me handmade leis at the start of each presentation! A touching moment of Aloha that I carry with me always!

 It was an honor to have an opportunity to share my book at their school.  I appreciated: Their bright smiles!  Their eagerness and attentiveness!  Their enthusiasm in “helping” me to turn the pages by forming a heart with their fingers and calling out “My Heart Smiles!”  IMG_5207IMG_5203 IMG_5204 IMG_5205 IMG_5206
A side note:  While I was on island, I stayed with my cousin, Bob, and his wife, Barbara.  After I returned to the mainland, Barbara gave one of my books to her former University of Hawaii-Manoa secretary, who has a young son.  He happened to be in one of my book reading sessions at Keaukaha Elementary.  When she showed him the book, he said, “Mommy, Auntie Diana is a real author!  She’s a real author!  She came to my school!”  Could my heart smile any bigger right now as I type this?  I don’t think so!
Oh yes, if you were wondering if I’d fly to Hawaii again and do some more book readings…well, there ARE several more elementary schools in Hilo!  And, I do… I sure do hear them calling me back to this beautiful tropical island that lives in my smiling heart!   Mino’aka Ko’u Pu’uwai!


Author: Diana Oman

I am the author of My Heart Smiles, an uplifting ABC book for the kid in all of us! I live on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior! I'm inspired by nature, children, joy and fun! May your heart always discover new reasons to smile!

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