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My Incredible Hawaiian Journey Through the Universe!

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Aloha!  What’s My Heart Smiles up to now?

Last night, I attended an amazing “Journey Through the Universe” celebration reception at the Hilo Yacht Club with my cousins Bob and Barbara Arthurs.  “Journey Through the Universe” is a fantastic week long educational program in which astronomers from NASA and the Mauna Kea observatories visit the local Hilo K-12 schools.  As an Ambassador for this program, Bob has the fun task this week of chauffering one of the visiting California NASA astronomers to the schools. MHS & Journey Through the Universe It was very inspiring to see how the Hilo business and educators in this community fully embrace this unique educational opportunity for their children!  One of the special guests for the celebration was the State of Hawaii Superintendent of Schools, Kathryn S. Matayoski, a Hilo native. It was easy to see how proud she is to promote and endorse this program in her hometown. Her positive attitude, enthusiasm, and love for empowering children was palpable!  Her passion inspired me to go over to meet her to tell her how much I was inspired by her presentation… and to gift her a copy of My Heart Smiles…which she loved! MHS & Hawaii State Superintendent2015 (1) My Heart is Smiling pretty Hawaiian Big right now!  Mahalo, Nui Loa!

Author: Diana Oman

I am the author of My Heart Smiles, an uplifting ABC book for the kid in all of us! I live on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior! I'm inspired by nature, children, joy and fun! May your heart always discover new reasons to smile!

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