An ABC book for the kid in all of us

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My “X” is for “EXTRAORDINARY” Alphabet Story! Where do you find your “X” Factor Fun?

MHS_Page_26When I feel eXtraordinary, you’ll find me swimming in the Great Barrier Reef with tropical fish, sea turtles, and sharks! DianaGreat Barrier ReefAnd hugging Koala Bears!  DianaKoala BearWhen I feel eXtraordinary, I’m behind the wheel of my car on another roadtrip adventure Aussie Landroveror I’m flying out from an airport to some faraway land!Flyinginto Sydney Sydney airport
Where do you find your “X” Factor Fun?


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My “V” is for “VIBRANT” Hotseat Alphabet Story! Good Good Good Good Vibrations!

When I feel vibrant, I am the visionary who gets picked to sit in the hot seat on the last day of the Mexican Riviera Cruise to initiate a response from Abraham that closes the whole workshop with an unforgettable rampage of appreciation and love!MHS_Page_24

Inspired by my hotseat segment closing the 2010 Mex-Riv Cruise…Here’s the Gisele Frederich video of Abraham’s response to my request for a rampage of appreciation that would help us to “get it” at a cellular level:

You can listen to my entire hosteat segment on Abraham-Hicks cruise cd #11, tracks 7 and 8

What do you do when you feel VIBRANT?  I’d love to hear your “V” story!