An ABC book for the kid in all of us

Blogging my “I” is for “INSPIRED” Alphabet Story! INCREDIBLE, IN-the moment INTERACTIONS!

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View of Lake Superior from the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, Marquette, MI

When I feel INSPIRED, I think of cool things to do like sharing the fun I had hiking up Sugar Loaf Mountain, posting it as “30 Days of Sugar” on Facebook, and then being joined by my Facebook friends from around the world, who were inspired to post their own “sugar” photos of fun!


Friends getting their daily dose of “Sugar”


I’m flying high on my wellness plan “30 Days of Sugar”!


Sugar fun!


Author: Diana Oman

I am the author of My Heart Smiles, an uplifting ABC book for the kid in all of us! I live on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior! I'm inspired by nature, children, joy and fun! May your heart always discover new reasons to smile!

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