An ABC book for the kid in all of us

An AWESOME high flying disk review from Keith Glendon!

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Here’s Keith Glendon’s high flying disk review of my Law of Attraction ABC book, My Heart Smiles! Thanks, Keith!

From a father of two little girls, a heartfelt recommendation for all parents of young girls out there – and every kid at heart;
Here’s Keith’s review! Wow! Thanks Keith! My heart has a humongous smile!

My Heart Smiles is a book by Diana Oman and Colleen O’Hara. While it’s a book for all kids and even for adults, my view is that it is a beautiful offering for every little girl in the modern world today.

Affirmations are powerful medicine. Little girls growing up in America today hear and see hundreds of messages every single day about what they SHOULD be, how they SHOULD look, act, feel. Their self-esteem and sense of empowerment and individuality is under siege from all angles.

This book is an antidote to those messages. This book is a wonderful, magical message to little girls – as they learn and reinforce their alphabet – that they are all sorts of powerful, all sorts of just right, all sorts of outstanding just as they are.

This book helps them learn not just the alphabet and words – but how to AFFIRM themselves and gives parents a simple, fun way to offer them affirmations every day.

A collaboration of heartfelt goodness from two women of spirit – this book is also a great example to little girls of the beauty that can come of their creative souls when they allow their hearts to smile. Please spread the word and consider getting YOUR little girls this book.

Author: Diana Oman

I am the author of My Heart Smiles, an uplifting ABC book for the kid in all of us! I live on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior! I'm inspired by nature, children, joy and fun! May your heart always discover new reasons to smile!

One thought on “An AWESOME high flying disk review from Keith Glendon!

  1. I appreciate you sharing this article.Thanks Again. Really Cool. dbabffccddgd


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