An ABC book for the kid in all of us

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Essential Worker’s Gift: “The ButterFly Woman” by Colleen O’Hara

My Heart Smiles is excited to announce that in addition to offering free copies of My Heart Smiles to Essential Workers in Marquette and Ironwood, we will also be offering copies of my illustrator, Colleen O’Hara’s book, “The Butterfly Woman”!  FB message me for your free copy! Offer ends at the end of May.

The Butterfly Woman cover


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MHS Thank You Gift to Essential Workers

Now this makes My Heart Smile ❤ Sewing masks is not my superpower so I’ve been wondering how to be of service during this current situation? How can I spread joy! Offer inspiration? Help our amazing essential workers to remember who they really are? Or simply to brighten their day? My answer was right in front of me! I’m inspired to offer a FREE autographed hard copy of my positive affirmation ABC book, My Heart Smiles, as a thank you gift, to any essential worker in the MARQUETTE area and also in my hometown, IRONWOOD! All you have to do is FB message me, tell me what work you do, where you work, who you’d like it signed to, and I’ll deliver it to an agreed designated location. This heart smiling offer is good through May 31st. ❤ ❤ ❤

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My Heart Smiles in Guatemala!

Hola!   Where in the world has My Heart Smiles been lately? IMG_1873IMG_1879

Recently, I traveled with two of my Marquette, MI, friends, Patty Barton and Anne Jackson, on a Voluntour trip with the Hug it Forward Organization to help build a bottle school in a Guatemalan village called Los Potrerillos. IMG_1900There were 26 voluntourists (from Sweden, China via Paris,  Zimbabwe, the U.S.) working for several days, side by side with the wonderful people from the community in constructing a school for their children. We helped mix/carry cement for the roof frames, sorted bottles into large bags, and tied bottles to the frames.

Plastic water bottles stuffed with trash are tied to chicken wire in cemented wall frames.  The people of this community showed their commitment to this project by collecting and stuffing 6,500 bottles prior to our arrival.

IMG_2447.JPGAn amazing fact: we were the first foreigners to ever visit their village! (I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that one!) They trusted us! They opened their hearts…celebrated our arrival, lovingly welcomed us, gave us a tour of their village and made us feel like family. Of course, there was time to engage and play with the children! Great fun!

IMG_8901IMG_2397 An extra humongous bonus!  I felt honored to have an opportunity to read My Heart Smiles to the village children and adults…with the help of my roommate, Gabriela Mares (Fresno, CA) who translated it into Spanish!  I’m blown away that the essence of my book’s message joyfully transcends any language barriers! It was fun and humbling and exciting to witness and participate in! It all simlpy proves once again that we are all “One!” We all want to feel good, be uplifted and uplift others! Needless to say, My Heart still Smiles whenever I think about sharing my book in Guatemala!


Some copies of My Heart Smiles and a copy of Colleen O’Hara’s beautiful short parable on forgiveness, The Butterfly Woman, were gifted to the children’s principal and teacher to start their new school library! Who knew just 4 years ago when this book (which was only going to be for family and friends) was launched, that it would travel the world!  I believe this is the 8th country that I know of where it is being read! Amazing! It just keeps getting “gooder” and “gooder!”

Needless to say, we all went there “to give” from our hearts and found ourselves “receiving” much much more in so many ways! New friends! Their smiles, their laughter, their dedication, their hugs, forever etched in our hearts!  My heart is so full of appreciation and love!  Flying Life and Loving the Guatemalan View! Diana

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Our Books Delivered to Younkers!

IMG_0016(1)What an eXtraordinary day! I delivered the first order for our books to the Marquette Younkers store! IMG_0026My Heart Smiles and The Butterfly Woman! Watch for them soon in a new Younkers department called Close to Home. (Details to be announced soon) IMG_0029A Humongous Thank You to all who have supported us along the way to arrive to this amazing moment… special thank you to Marquette Younkers store manager, Debbie Hatcher, our original Kickstarter supporters, our friends and family. Our hearts are smiling pretty big right now!

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Outback with My Heart Smiles & Friends

Hi Marquette!

My Heart Smiles is at Outback Art Fair tomorrow sharing a booth with artist, Liz Yelland (Yelland Designs). Liz Yelland mandala (1)

We are next to Stacey Willey (Earthly Treasures)Stacey Willey Jewelry Stop by and check out our stuff! Uplifting books: My Positive Affirmation book/and humongous coloring book, My Heart Smiles! MHS cover 2014

Colleen O’Hara’s, touching forgiveness parable,The Butterfly Woman! The Butterfly Woman coverLabyrinths! Note Cards! Placemats!

Stacey’s beautiful creative gem jewelry!

Liz’s amazing original mandalas! Stickers! Cards!

Yes, and….free humongous hugs! Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5 🙂; and

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What have you discovered today that makes your Heart Smile?

I discovered a heart yesterday in our beautiful April snowy wonderland! Can you find it in my photo? It made my Heart Smile! Let’s have some fun with this! I invite you to comment  and/or post your pics with your own little (or humongous) discoveries that are making your Heart Smile today!17862782_10208922189594259_2405688011711524096_n

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Hoodies-in-February Sale!

mhs-hoodie-dianaLET’S SPREAD SOME HEART SMILES TOGETHER! Order a My Heart Smiles Hoodie by the end of this month, $35 (Regularly $40) Colors: Ishpeming Royal Blue, Marquette Scarlet Red, Negaunee Navy Blue, NMU Forest Green (Free local delivery! For out of area orders, USPS priority postage will be added to total) (Check, Credit Card or Cash) FB message me to order (quantity, size, color, contact info) by Feb 28th! Or email me at

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Gifting My Heart Smiles


I just never know where a copy of My Heart Smiles will be headed next! And, for me, that really is one of the fun parts of being an author!

My weekend was amazing>AWESOME>INSPIRING! It started Friday with a fun-filled sassy road trip to Milwaukee with business colleagues …followed by a 3 hour lighthearted delightful Greek dinner on an outside patio lined with beautiful flowers and complimented by a warm summer evening breeze. Saturday was jam packed with incredibly supercharged training sessions! The cherry on this Saturday treat was that after the sessions, Colleen and I had the opportunity to meet and talk with the event’s two DYNAMIC World Ventures trainers! International Marketing Directors, Martin Ruof, from Minneapolis and Roscoe Taylor from Chicago!  And YES!  They loved their autographed copies of My Heart Smiles that we gave them!  Heart smiles everywhere!

Life is good…very very good!  And yup, our hearts are still smiling tonight!

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National Smile Power Day…Share some Smiles

It’s National Smile Power Day, and My Heart Smiles would like to give you some good news to smile about!! Here’s a free gift for you to make your heart smile! Brighten your day! Go to my website! Read it! Download the PDF for FREE!  Share it with everyone you know! Give the world some humongous hugs and sunshine smiles!   May your heart always discover new reasons to smile! MHS_Page_10